About us

   The dream of creating Paulienne started in 1960, when Mrs. Paulina Serenário, the company’s founder, started working as a couturier. She designed couture dresses at that time. In 1972, she started producing lingerie and nightgowns for women. In 1986 she created the Paulienne brand, and since then, the company has developed and improved the production process. Paulienne has a production site with modern and updated machinery, high qualified and trained personnel, and also a long-term partnership with its raw-material suppliers, which offer Paulienne the best quality materials available in the market.

   The company has developed an exclusive department for creation and design, which allows them to follow the latest fashion tendencies and offer to its clients a fashionable and comfortable line of products and excellent customer service.

Currently Paulienne is among the biggest lingerie and nightgown corporations in Brazil, and it is one of the most respected brands in the Brazilian market. The products are sold throughout Brazil and exported to some countries.

   Paulienne brand is synonym of high quality, exquisiteness and comfort.

   Paulienne has become a model due to its infrastructure, organization, care with its employees, and participation in social projects. Paulienne takes an important social part in the region where it is located and also creates new direct and indirect jobs every year.